Charlotte White

Hello my name is Charlotte and I am a warm, caring and experienced therapist.

I imagine you are feeling a lot of anxiety right now, and you are hoping to find some help and support. You are probably looking for someone who is trustworthy, respectful, and who will keep your difficulties confidential. This is what I offer the people I work with.

Beginning therapy can be very frightening, and most people don’t know what to expect. That is why a big part of our first meeting will focus on ensuring you feel safe and comfortable, and if you wish we can discuss your anxieties and fears about what therapy is. Developing a strong rapport and a positive relationship between us will support you to talk about what is troubling you.

I am genuinely interested in what you have to say, and I will not judge you. Many people feel anxiety and distress at some point in their lives, and therapy is a healthy way of gaining clarity about what you want, how to approach your problems, and how to become the person you want to be.

I currently work for the NHS as a psychotherapist for both group and individual work. I also work with individuals in private practice on issues such as low mood, panic disorder, depression, anxiety, family problems, and relationship breakdown.



From the way therapy is portrayed in the media you may have got the impression therapists don’t say anything, and are not warm and responsive. You may also fear you will be analysed or diagnosed.  This is not how I chose to work. I am genuinely and transparently myself in the relationship. I will be honest with you as well as being sensitive to your needs right now.


I accept you, and whatever you bring, unconditionally and non-judgementally. You are free to express any feelings you have without fear of rejection or condemnation. I am here to be alongside you in your distress, and I will always keep your best interests at the forefront of my mind. I am here to help you and support you with any anxiety you may have.


I am a warm and caring person and I aim to respond to you with thoughtfulness and sensitivity. You may be feeling low, anxious, lost, defeated, or angry right now and that can make it difficult to know how to move forward. I can support you in this difficult period of your life and together we can begin to help you make positive changes.

Counselling tailored to your needs

Through our sessions, I will begin to understand your experience of the world, and support you to address difficult or painful issues, whether from the past or present. Together we will work towards a stronger, more confident you.

I offer a 10% discount for the first 4 sessions if you have a South London Club card.


Contact Me:

I am happy to discuss your needs further over the phone or by email before we meet.


call/text 07455 263 604